Stahili is committed to education in all aspects of its work and promotes the internationally guaranteed rights of all children, above all the right to quality and safe education.

Education through post-secondary school

Every child has the right to fulfil his or her potential through education. To that end, Stahili currently supports children in rural Kenya with full-time education and all the tools they need to attend school and thrive.

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Partnership through education

Stahili partners with schools to promote learning on children’s rights through workshops, presentations, and curriculum on the rights of the child. We continue to build partnerships with primary schools, high schools, and universities.

Stahili also provides opportunities for learning by facilitating the involvement of students and young practitioners in our research and advocacy work.

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Children’s rights education and curriculum

Stahili is education. We believe that children should not only learn about their rights, but also their responsibilities as global citizens and future leaders.

We are currently working with teachers to develop curriculum resources to raise awareness of international guidelines such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and international development initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Child-friendly conventions

Stahili believes that children should know about the international instruments that shape their rights and have full access to them. Check out our ongoing series of child-friendly versions of international conventions and other major documents on children’s rights and development.